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Legal Way To Block Cell Phone Signal

Nixon Kevin 2021-11-23

For reasons, such as the performance difference of each mobile phone company is the individual difference in the congestion state and the telephone line of the system using the GPS terminal individual mobile phone, GPS terminal, mobile phone and mobile communication equipment such as PHS mobile phone are used to suppress the loss -range state It may take some time to be available, or it may not stop the service. Each telephone company uses a different system. In addition, there are differences in performance according to the make and model of each mobile phone. In some cases, Legal Way To Block Cell Phone Signal use the location information of the basic signal to confirm the communication is performed every few seconds, and in other cases, it is performed every tens of seconds. Therefore, it may take effect immediately, or it may take 30 seconds or more. The out-of-service display and bar display that indicate the intensity of radio waves differ depending on the system and model, and are also different. Generally, the liquid crystal display does not display the radio wave situation in real time, and the display changes every tens of seconds or when the key switch is operated. Therefore, regardless of the effective status, the bar display of mobile phones and PHS phones may not immediately show the smartphone radio interference "outside the service area". cell phone jammer

If multiple mobile phones and PHS mobile phones of the same telephone company are used in a certain area, only the nearest base station (antenna) and the base station (antenna) far away from the base station will have insufficient lines. )Will. When the line is busy like this, the mobile phone and the PHS mobile phone are easily disconnected. Since the congestion of the line changes over time, there are differences in the effectiveness status. If the base station (antenna) of the telephone company is very close, the radio waves from the base station are so strong that the effect may be difficult or ineffective. In addition, depending on the model of the mobile phone or PHS mobile phone, the effect may or may not be effective. Therefore Legal Way To Block Cell Phone Signal does not guarantee 100% shielding, interference, deterrence, and adjustment of the radio waves of all mobile phones and PHS mobile phones. As a countermeasure when interference effects are difficult or not appear in certain operators (cell phone companies)/models, by installing another cell phone jammer device of a different model, interference effects within the interference range can be achieved. There is a way to make it more powerful.