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The Whole Truth About Cell Phone Jammers

Fullmer Erik 2022/06/30

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Originally, its were police forces and militaries who started using special equipment to interrupt all the communication signals in certain area to prevent enemy forces from using communication sets. The method of blocking the signal is quite simple. Jamming device sends radio waves of the necessary frequencies and thus creates enough interference to make communication sets unusable. But with the time the demand for such devices among civilians increased greatly and manufacturers decided to start selling these devices to private entities.

Nowadays these devices, also known as jammers, are extremely popular and have lots of usages. The variety of jammers is really great so you can easily find the right type of jammer to block any band you like. The most commonly used jammers are the ones that block GSM, GPS and Wi-Fi bands.
The attitude to such type of devices varies greatly in different countries. In many countries it’s even illegal to use jammers of any type. But still they are widely used by ordinary citizens. Especially jammers are highly in demand in big cities and megalopolises.

Application Scenarios of cell phone jammer

Despite all the laws, jammers remain popular because they are ideal for usage in lots of cases such as:
1. To block cell phones in theatres, movies and other public places
2. To block cell phones in medical institutions
3. To secure conference halls from industrial espionage
4. To secure working places from spying gadgets
5. To provide absolute informational security
6. To prevent people from spying on you and tracking your location
7. To prevent detonation of several kinds of bombs
8. To prevent cheating at tests and exams
9. To prevent falsifications of voting process during elections
10. To secure military forces from homing missiles
11. To help police in fighting the criminals