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Types of common jammers on the market

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/10

Types of common jammers on the market

  Mobile Communications Gambler offers to block the GSM 900-1800 network, which makes it possible to completely destroy cellular phone signals within its working range. The phone will not be able to transmit messages and make calls. Cell phones are not only used for communication, but also for eavesdropping, so the GSM signal jammer, which locks eavesdropping with the help of this device at the meeting.

  Wi-Fi jammers

  The Cordless Internet Blocker can perform noise generation in 3G, 4G, GPRS Internet networks as well as computer wireless Wi-Fi systems. Cordless networks with internet access are used for hidden filming, eavesdropping and espionage. Different 3G cameras, and monitoring devices with Wi-Fi transmission do no harm.

  GPS jammers

  Satellite jammers create jamming in the GPS and GLONASS standard 1500-1600 MHz range, which locks on to the signal and does not gain position and precise location. Satellite scramblers provide full protection for GPS spy trackers and other devices used for surveillance and location.

  Recorded phone calls and video jammers

  The Voice Recorder Scrambler plays acoustic white noise or sound transitions, preventing the operation of any spying devices such as hidden microphones and cameras. In practice, acoustic noise generators have a short range and are used for protection in small areas. Voice Recorder Suppressor locks analog and digital voice recorders and other devices that can record recordings - phone calls, bookmarks, bugs.

  RF jammers

  There are many general-purpose devices in the world that can be used for spying or illegal information retrieval, but anyway it's better to protect ahead of time than to run into problems in the future. The operating frequency range of radio jammers is for 400-470 MHz interaction.