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Can a Phone Signal Booster Cancel Out a Phone Jammer?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/14

  Signal boosters and cell signal amplifiers can only boost signals that exist. If you are using a phone jammer to block cellular signals, then a signal booster will not function. Therefore, signal boosters will not cancel out any efforts by a phone jammers gps.

  However there are instances where a phone jammer is rendered ineffective. If the cell phone in question is receiving a strong signal due to a signal booster, it’s possible that your phone jammer won’t have a strong enough output power to cancel out the signal. Or, your device could be set up too far away.

  What Is My Phone Jammer’s Range?

  When it comes to phone jammer range, several factors could interfere with the device’s abilities and range. Cell phones need to send and receive signals from the nearest cell phone tower to function.

  The basic rule is that the phone jammer’s output power has to be equal to or stronger than the cell phone’s signal strength.

  If the cell phone has a strong signal, or has 3 to 4 signal bars, then your jammer will have to be only 3 to 10 meters away. Unfortunately, some cases reveal an ineffective phone jammer as the signal strength in that area is too strong for the device’s output power.

  To buy the correct phone jammer for your situation, you’ll need to first be aware of the cell phone signal strength in the areas you are trying to block signals in and buy a device with a strong enough output power for the radius you require.