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Find Cell Signal Strength and set up a phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/07/14

  Pull out your cell phone and check the signal bars as you walk around the area.

  When it comes to making sure your jammer will perform even in the most difficult circumstances, make sure to figure out how high the cell signal bars go in the area.

Find Cell Signal Strength and set up a phone jammer

  Think about where the targeted cell phones will be in relation to your jammers gps, and keep in mind any obstructions that could hinder your jammer’s performance.Keep in mind that thick walls, especially made of metal or concrete, can interfere with cell signals and your jammer’s signals.

  Check Jammer Output Power

  One of the most important specifications of your jammer will be the output power. To check the jammer output power, you can read the specifications on the manufacturer’s information.Understanding the output power and how it works in relation to cell signal and range will help you set up your jammer for success.

  Some devices might even allow you to switch between output power levels, so make sure you’re choosing the correct one.For many devices, you can also turn on your device and figure out the output power by reading the display.