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Putting an End to Cell Phone Prison Contraband with Signal Detectors

Perfectjammer 2022/07/13

  With legislation firmly in place to put an end to illegal prison contraband like cell phones, cell phone jammers gps and signal detectors are aiding in increased public safety.

  If you are convicted of a crime, you go to prison. Prison is supposed to deprive you of rights and privileges. You eat, sleep and work on a rigid schedule.

  You don’t get contact with the outside world.

  Unless you manage to connect with some prison contraband. Some contraband sounds harmless- junk food, makeup, cigarettes. But cell phones are a huge problem.

  Control of prison contraband is a priority. Tools to stop outside communication are available.

  A cell phone allows coordination and organization of almost all other contraband. It’s small and easily hidden.

  In myanmar state, prison officials discovered and seized one phone for every three inmates.

  With some 2.8 MILLION people locked up around the country, that is anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 illicit phones in the hands of criminals.

  It isn’t only a U.S. problem. At least 25,000 mobile phones or SIM cards were confiscated in English and Welsh prisons.