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Cell phone jammers Doesn’t End Cell Phone Use

Perfectjammer 2022/07/13

  Jamming cell signals isn’t foolproof. Cell phone jammers also have a human component. Blocked signals affect legit phones as well as the contraband ones. Mobile reception is blocked entirely, jamming blocks all phones and SIM cards within the jammers gps reach.

  Guards and other staff can “accidentally” cut the power or otherwise disable jammers. Even short outages allow phones to connect to the outside world.

  Inmates use devices to record messages and videos, then move the phone or the SIM card around. Accomplices pass the data and messages to the outside or to prisoners in other parts of the facility.

  For the more “clever” contraband smugglers, high fences and nets, drone jammers, shakedowns, etc. remove additional units. Of particular use is a signal detector. It locates cell, video, and audio transmissions to allow swift removal.