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Best Ad Blocker App For Cell Phone Block Call Feature

Perfectjammer 2022-02-06

Secrets are still leaked after the phone is turned off. There are two cases. One uses special instruments to remotely turn on the target's phone's microphone, eavesdropping on conversations around the microphone. One is that in the manufacturing process of the mobile phone, its chip is implanted with receiving and transmitting functions. Therefore, although this kind of mobile phone is not turned on, as long as there is a battery, the receiving device on the mobile phone can receive the voice information within its effective range and send it at any time through the relay station on the mobile phone. Geostationary satellites or nearby allies. The relay station transmits the information to the ground processing system of that country or an allied country. Therefore, there are two security methods: one is to use Best Ad Blocker App For Cell Phone (cell phone signal jammer) to block the microwave communication signal between the transmitter and the mobile phone; one is to stay away from the talking place so as not to be eavesdropped. At present, the mobile phone chips in the Chinese market are basically imported products. According to relevant experts, some mobile phones have a hidden call function, and the cell phone jammer can automatically switch from the standby state to the call state without ringing or displaying, so as to emit surrounding sounds. Therefore, the phone will leak in the call state, standby state and off state.

In order to understand the situation of mobile phone jammers, the reporter also interviewed some technicians from large companies that have been developing and selling such products. According to him, the first domestic product of the same kind was from South Korea, which was priced at 10,000 yuan per unit. The domestic product developed according to its principle is currently priced at around 1,000 yuan. Subsequently, the reporter also conducted a question and answer in the company. Sit on a chair two meters away from Best Ad Blocker App For Cell Phone . After turning on the power switch on the top of the mobile phone jammer, the reporter and the other four stayed in the room for nearly half an hour, but none of them experienced symptoms of "dizziness, weak feet, and nausea."