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Block Annoying Cell Phone Calls

Perfectjammer 2021/11/01

Beginning on October 6, mobile phone signals suddenly weakened or even disappeared inside and outside the Huayi Yangguangli Community in Pidu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, most notably by China Mobile. It turned out that because the cell phone signal of the cell was weak, the operator was opposed by some owners when setting up signal equipment in the cell during the National Day. The incident disturbed the local information data center and the police. Three days later, a document signed jointly by China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and the Tower Company is now at the gate of the community, "Due to receiving notice from the property, residents in the community complained that the Block Annoying Cell Phone Calls equipment in the community interfered with the normal life of these owners. Communication and explanation are fruitless, and the three major operators will suspend the operation of all mobile phone signal equipment in the community." Residents entering and leaving the community stopped and read the announcement at the door. That's weird! Located in a prosperous area, the cell has become a mobile phone jammer cell phone jammer

It was originally located in a prosperous area with a cluster of commercial and residential buildings, but Sunshine Community has recently become a Block Annoying Cell Phone Calls . Outside the gate of the community, the signal on the reporter's hand flickered. The Unicom phone card was a little better. The mobile phone card occasionally lost the signal and lasted for a long time. Throughout the morning, the owner of the fruit and vegetable shop at the gate of the community was very idle. His collection of less than 200 yuan on WeChat illustrates this point. "Usually, WeChat charges nearly 1,000 yuan in the morning. It is because the signal is not good that many customers can’t scan through their mobile phones. I didn’t bring cash, so I didn’t buy anything at the end.” The other party said that this situation has been going on for several days. Next to the fruit and vegetable store, Hongqi supermarkets, convenience stores, etc., without exception, encountered the same situation. A supermarket cashier said that after choosing an item, a customer found that he could not scan the QR code to pay. I took out my mobile phone, the mobile signal was very weak, "Sometimes the phone can't make a call." The reporter walked into the supermarket, and the mobile signal disappeared. The reporters asked the owners who entered and exited the community one by one, and most of them reported that the cell phone signal in the community has been poor. Kind of situation?