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Cell Phone Jammer Health Risks

Perfectjammer 2021/12/23

Mobile phone jammers are mainly used in various examination rooms, courts, detention centers, conference centers (rooms), government, military and other places where mobile phones are prohibited from entering. So how should you choose a suitable Cell Phone Jammer Health Risks according to your needs? From the manufacturer’s point of view, if you choose improperly, the installation has no effect, it is easy to cause the product to be returned or exchanged, waste time and waste freight, teach you how Choose a mobile phone jammer that suits your needs. First, the shielded signals can be divided into wireless signals transmitted by mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, radio and television base stations, Wi-Fi, etc., in addition to 2.4GWIFI, 5.8GWIFI, VHF, UHF and other frequency bands. This frequency band can be combined according to different needs, and can be composed of different types Cell Phone Jammer . Therefore, first understand the signal you want to shield. The mobile phone signals that are normally shielded are 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 2.4G, but 5g mobile phone jammers that can shield 5g signals are already the mainstream of purchase.

Second, the power of mobile phone jammers: generally divided into low power, medium power, and high power. Low power: total power 3W-80W. Medium power total power 80W-160W, high power: total power 160W-800W. Except for special occasions, it is generally not recommended to use high power Cell Phone Jammer Health Risks , which will seriously interfere with the base station signal transmission and also have a certain degree of radiation to the human body. For standardized examination rooms and conference rooms, it is recommended to use low power. Even if a small power is not enough in some places, you can choose multiple cellular layouts. This effect is better than the effect of using a single medium or high power, and the radiation is not that big. Third, the view is not particularly important compared to the mobile phone jammer, but the structure of the setting is different. From the appearance, mobile phone jammers can be divided into external antennas and built-in antennas. The external antennas extend outward due to the external antennas. The external antennas are more stable because of the extended antennas. In addition to the external power adapter of the antenna, the external antenna of the machine is also external, so compared to the built-in antenna, it takes up a larger space. Generally speaking, the antenna and power supply of the built-in antenna are installed in the case, occupying a larger area. Small and convenient to use.