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Recording This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls Doesn'T Prevent Blocking

Perfectjammer 2022/04/29

Some candidates brought their mobile phones into the examination room to take test papers and seek answers. In addition, there are screenshots of relevant online transmissions that also show that someone disclosed the answers to the nine types of single-stroke exams in advance. The staff of the Hebei Provincial Education Examination Institute said that the investigation was underway. Some students who participated in the single-admission test left a message: Even if we are not studying hard in the cold window, we are preparing for the test seriously. If someone cheats and easily gets the question, is it worth everyone's hard work? In fact, this situation is likely to be due to the insufficient work done in the examination room to prevent technological cheating. You must know that during the college entrance examination every year, the major examination rooms are in full preparation. Whether it is to detect various communication tools through metal detectors when entering the examination room, or to open the Recording This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls in the examination room throughout the whole process, they are all necessary equipment for the examination center. The purpose is to prevent candidates from using mobile phones. and other communication tools to cheat. However, some higher vocational colleges may not pay enough attention to preventing cheating by means of technology, or there are omissions in preventing cheating through technology, so that the mobile phones in the examination room can communicate with the Internet normally, and the cheating candidates take advantage of them. Therefore, whether it is a college entrance examination room or a single-admission examination room of a higher vocational college, in the face of technological cheating, we must not be careless, especially when using Cell Phone Jammer , we must not have omissions.

Signal jammers are widely used in examination rooms, prisons, detention centers and other places, which can effectively prevent personnel from using mobile phones in violation of regulations, ensure fairness and justice in examinations, and maintain prison order and safety. Signal jammers are divided into built-in radomes and external radomes. What is the difference between the two? In terms of appearance and material, the built-in antenna Recording This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls generally uses a plastic casing, while the external antenna radome uses a metal casing. In terms of usage, the biggest advantage of the built-in radome is that it does not require additional wiring, and it is very convenient to use. You only need to plug it in and you can use it. In addition, because it is a built-in antenna, the antenna is less likely to be damaged by external impact. The external antenna mobile phone jammer needs to be connected in the correct way, and the frequency of the antenna and the frequency of the fuselage must be screwed on accordingly. In addition, since the external antenna radome is made of metal and dissipates heat through the surface metal shell, the fuselage is relatively easy to get hot, which is also a normal phenomenon.