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Neighbor Using Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/08/20

Many friends will ask me that I don’t want the call to interrupt the progress of the meeting during a meeting in the conference room. What should I do at this time? In fact, this situation is easy to solve, just use the special Neighbor Using Cell Phone Jammer for Zhejiang Conference. Tighten the antenna before powering on. The antenna must be kept vertical (⊥). The numbers marked on the antenna must correspond to the numbers marked on the antenna hole on the host. cell phone jammer Don't plug it wrong, let alone turn on the power of the host without connecting the antenna.

If you use a small Neighbor Using Cell Phone Jammer scheme, it is usually placed under the monitor of the corridor wall outside the dormitory. Since the signal will be attenuated through the wall, try to choose a mobile phone jammer with a metal shell and an external antenna, and the power should be as large as possible, and then every ten meters You have to put one on the left and right. This is the case on each floor. Let the signals of these mobile phone jammers form a network, which will be much better than using a single jammer. In the final installation, use a power cord for all the jammers. Connect them, connect a master switch, and control them together when in use.