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Number Block Verizon Cell Phone Maintains Exam Order

Perfectjammer 2022/01/18

I came to Yubei Middle School with the Chongqing Education and Examination Institute to explore the preparations behind the college entrance examination in advance. It is worth noting that this year, the city's college entrance examination anti-cheating measures have been upgraded again. Invisible earphone detectors have been used on a large scale, and metal detectors, ID verification devices, and Number Block Verizon Cell Phone are also "standard" in the examination room. Any thoughts on cheating? Quickly "kill" it! Even if there is a total power outage, the power supply can be guaranteed for 3 hours. It is reported that this year the city has set up 39 test areas, 117 test centers, and 7,649 test rooms. It is estimated that there will be more than 25,000 invigilators, test administrators, inspectors and other staff. In Yubei Middle School alone, there are 73 examination rooms and 146 invigilators. "We have set up three sets of completely independent broadcasting systems to ensure that the instructions of the examination room are broadcast accurately and in a timely manner." The person in charge of Yubei Middle School said, in addition, a special college entrance examination psychological consultation room and medical room have been opened, and half a month in advance for the examination Adjust the schedule of senior three students and shorten the time of self-study class. In order to ensure the order of the test room, Cell Phone Jammer is installed in the test room, and all test sites in the city, including Yubei Middle School, have emergency power supply equipment to ensure that even if there is an unexpected power outage, the power supply can be supplied for at least 3 hours for candidates to complete the test.

In the test center of Yubei Middle School, all the items provided in each test room have been classified into one basket. The reporter noticed that each examination room is equipped with metal detectors, invisible earphone detectors, ID card verification devices and Number Block Verizon Cell Phone . In addition, spare stationery bags for invigilators and various practical gadgets are ready. "Starting this year, the invisible earphone detector has been fully used in the city." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education and Examination Institute said that as long as it detects that there is an invisible earphone in the examination room, the detector will immediately sound a prompt tone, thereby further ensuring the examination. fair and just. For the upcoming college entrance examination, the senior invigilator of Yubei Middle School reminded candidates that it is particularly important to adapt to the examination room in advance, and to find out the route, examination room and toilet location to prevent discomfort on the day of the examination. At the same time, candidates must repeatedly ensure that they bring their admission tickets, ID cards, and stationery bags for the college entrance examination uniformly issued by the city, including 2B pencils, black signature pens, erasers, rulers, and so on. In addition, electronic communication equipment such as mobile phones, watches, and labeled water are also not allowed to enter the examination room. "Each test room has a radio clock, which is synchronized with Beijing time. Candidates can know the time through the radio clock." The reporter also learned that all test rooms in the city are equipped with 360-degree cameras, with a resolution that can clearly see the test papers on the candidates' desktops. test questions. In addition, the cameras in the examination room are connected to the relevant departments of Chongqing and the state.