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Cell Phone Detector For Prisons

Nerot Axel 2021-11-11

Before buying a 5G jammer, the following important factors should be considered: 1 band frequency. The correct frequency selected depends on the device to be blocked. To prevent cell phone reception, people should use Cell Phone Detector For Prisons to block cellular frequencies, so GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE are used in new smart phones. If you don’t know the frequency of the mobile phone’s transmission, the only thing you have to do is to find its technical specifications on the Internet or elsewhere. Otherwise, you can buy a frequency meter at any time, and it will display a specific transmit frequency. 2) Scope of influence. The effective shielding radius is the influence distance. The actual impact distance will vary according to the signal strength, location of use, and charging conditions. cell phone jammer

3) The cooling system of the equipment. Do not use Cell Phone Detector For Prisons when charging, otherwise it will burn the phone jammer, because it does not have a built-in fan, which may destroy the phone signal jammer. In addition, the potential overheating of mobile phone jammers is not only harmful to its internal components, but also reduces its performance. In order to shield the new 5G mobile phone signals in the market, more and more 5g mobile phone jammers have been invented, and they are now popular with people who need to cut off the 5G signal to obtain a peaceful state. 5G mobile phone jammers can block 5G (LTE) and 5G (Wimax) signals. This kind of 5G mobile phone jammer has several advantages. First of all, it can not only block 5G LTE and 5G Wimax signals, but also block CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, and 4G signals. This is currently the perfect and powerful shielding device. Secondly, you can select the frequency bands you want to block. If you don’t want to block one or two bands, you can turn them off and leave the other bands open. At the same time, mobile phone jammers can still interfere with signals in other frequency bands.