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Cell Phone Case Wallet Energy Blocker

Amani Ibrahim 2022-02-15

At present, there are many examinations in society, and the most influential one is the annual college entrance examination. This is the gate for thousands of students to step into the halls of institutions of higher learning, and a bridge for countless families to place their infinite hopes. There are also the entrance examination for master's students, doctoral students, college English test for CET 4 and 6, middle school entrance examination for primary school and junior high school and so on. It plays a very important role in the life of every family. In order to fully ensure that all candidates are on the starting line of a "fair competition", relevant parties have adopted many methods, one of which is to resolutely put an end to cheating. In order to take the test seriously and resolutely put an end to cheating, I think it is very necessary to use the necessary technical means in the test, especially in view of the serious phenomenon of cheating in mobile communication, the use of equipment like Cell Phone Case Wallet Energy Blocker is a very effective measure to prevent cheating. The act of cheating through the communication of internal and external information during the examination process. Using technical means such as cell phone jammer , through a certain period of "mandatory" restrictions on cheating in exams, it will gradually realize a complete change in concept, cultivate and improve people's awareness of integrity-based. Under the circumstance that the social credit system is not perfect and the bad social atmosphere still exists, it is the only way for the establishment of the credit system to make full use of technical means to gradually establish a truly fair competition environment. However, people have some misunderstandings about mobile phone signal jammer products. As a worker who has been engaged in the education industry for a long time and an in-depth researcher of this product, I am obliged to briefly describe this product from a technical point of view. Public clarification.

The working principle of the mobile phone signal blocker (also known as the mobile phone signal screen blocker and the mobile phone signal jammer) is as follows: the scanning signal generated by the sawtooth wave signal generator is inverted by the inverter, and then enters the voltage controlled oscillator to modulate the CDMA, In the three frequency bands with the same downlink frequency of GSM and PHS, the modulated frequency sweep signal is amplified by the power amplifier, and the power of the power amplifier is controlled by the voltage regulator tube, so that the transmission power is less than 1W, and the amplified frequency sweep signal is in the form of radio waves. Launch into the air. Because the frequency sweep signal forms garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, the mobile phone cannot receive the normal data sent by the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a normal connection with the base station. Thereby, the mobile phone is separated from the base station communication network. The mobile phone shows that the search network has no signal, no service system, etc., to achieve the blocking effect, not relying on the unlimited increase of power to compete with the mobile phone base station to achieve the blocking effect. Cell Phone Case Wallet Energy Blocker The intensity of the electromagnetic signal emitted is very weak. As long as the qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, the electromagnetic radiation intensity has been strictly tested by authoritative testing and certification agencies, such as the "Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention", at all sampling points. The measured values ​​of the electromagnetic field strength are lower than the relevant frequency band standard limits of the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" (GB8702- cell phone jammer ) formulated by the State Environmental Protection Administration (this standard is only 1/5 of the European standard and 1/10 of the Japanese standard), so it will not be It is harmful to the human body, so there is no need to panic, and the unnecessary psychological burden is the real obstacle. The power of the mobile phone signal jammer is very small (≤1W), and the range of action is only 20 to 30 meters. It will not interfere with the mobile phone base station at all, and if it is used in specific occasions, it will not endanger public information security. The frequency of the electromagnetic signal it emits completely falls within the specified working frequency band of the mobile phone, and this signal is always in a relatively static and constant state, which will not affect any other electronic equipment, let alone interfere with the human brain and affect normal human thinking.