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Block Someone On Cell Phone

Willi Franz 2021-10-19

According to the Qingdao 12345 hotline application form, some people reported that a bank on Shandong Road installed multiple Block Someone On Cell Phones in the company for internal management needs. Whenever the equipment is activated, the mobile phones of China Mobile Unicom within a certain range around cannot be used normally. The reflection is strong. After receiving the hotline to handle the bill, the Radio Management Office of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology quickly sent someone to verify and deal with it. After investigation, the bank purchased a mobile phone signal jammer for internal meetings and other needs. Because it was not familiar with the relevant management regulations, the equipment was installed and used without going through the review and approval procedures with the relevant departments after the equipment was purchased. cell phone jammer

The staff of the Radio Management Office informed on the spot the hazards caused by using Block Someone On Cell Phone and related laws and regulations. The management staff of the bank actively cooperated and said that the equipment will be sealed and stopped immediately, and will not be privately again in the future until the approval procedures are processed with the relevant departments. Use cell phone signal jammers. The unauthorized use of mobile phone jammers not only affects the normal communication of people in the area where the equipment is used, such as the conference venue, but also devices with unqualified indicators can easily cause interference to surrounding mobile phone base stations, causing great harm. In the next step, the Radio Management Office of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will further increase the publicity of radio management laws and regulations to guide the public to use various radio stations legally and orderly.