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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Box

Oine Ant 2021-09-18

Computer viruses make netizens miserable. In fact, mobile phones also have viruses! Mobile phone "undercover software" is no longer a legend, this software is also called mobile phone spyware. Once your phone is "successful", you will have no privacy at all. Mobile phone "hackers" are more terrifying than pseudo base stations, they are almost pervasive. "It is estimated that there are about 1,000 types of mobile phone viruses in the world. In our country, most people's understanding of mobile phones is still in making calls, taking pictures, and there are not many people who use them to access the Internet. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Box Therefore, there are relatively few cases of poisoning. , And mobile phone poisoning in foreign countries occurs from time to time.” The “hijacking” of a mobile phone is a very obvious poisoning phenomenon. A mobile phone virus is a program. If you use a mobile phone to access the Internet, it is easy to be poisoned. The poisoned cell phone is very "crazy", it will cause the illusion that the cell phone shuts down, cell phone jammer Make the phone screen black and the keyboard invalid; the poisoned phone can also automatically turn on, leaking all the information in the environment where the phone is located.

After being poisoned, in addition to automatically turning on and off the phone, the mobile phone can also be used to automatically send text messages to others, automatically make calls, automatically surf the Internet, and even destroy the SIM card chip. Some unscrupulous businesses use mobile phone viruses to send advertising messages and spam messages to other people through the virus-infected mobile phones. "He did the advertisement, and he didn't have to spend a penny. The most unlucky is the mobile phone owner who was recruited." What's more, in order to vent his emotions, he will use your mobile phone to send curse words to people around him. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Box If a poisoned mobile phone is connected to a computer, even the computer will "infect" the poison; if it is connected to a fixed phone, the fixed phone will "betray" you. So under what circumstances will your mobile phone be hit? "There are too many ways to get a virus! You are a person who likes to surf the Internet, the virus program is transmitted to your mobile phone through the computer; in order to share a song with a good friend, you turn on Bluetooth or infrared, and the virus goes through Bluetooth (Infrared) has invaded your mobile phone, and the mobile phone is constantly initializing. In fact, all your personal information has been sold by the mobile phone. MMS is also unsafe. Viruses may be planted in MMS."