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GSM jamming equipment is becoming a civil product

Nowadays, mobile jamming devices are becoming civilian products rather than electronic warfare devices, because with the increase in the number of mobile phone users, the demand for disabling mobile phones in specific places where ringing and use of mobile phones will cause interference has increased. These places include places of worship, university lecture halls, libraries, concert halls, meeting rooms, banks and other places to enjoy silence.


A cell phone jammer is a device that blocks the transmission and reception of radio frequency by a cell phone with a base station. When in use, gsm jammer effectively disables cellular activity between the base station and the device by creating a temporary "dead zone" for all immediately adjacent cell phone traffic. Cell phone jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to interrupt communications for enemies, criminals, and terrorists.
Some are also designed to outsmart the use of certain remotely detonated explosives. Civilian applications were evident, so over time many companies initially contracted to design jammers for government use turned to selling these devices to private entities. Since then, their purchase and use have been increasing slowly but steadily, especially in major metropolitan areas.