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How do I get the GPS signal from the car I'm driving to disappear?

The car I am driving is equipped with GPS. I'm afraid someone followed me with it. What can I do to delete it or avoid paying attention to it?


The GPS system used for car assembly can be disassembled, and many stores now provide online disassembly services.If we are afraid of being tracked by the GPS of the car, we can use the corresponding shielding tools.However, I do not recommend deleting it.You should look for a shop that has disassembled real technology.Avoid GPS tracking signals.
GPS jammers is your indispensable equipment.Otherwise, some people may use things you don't know, and they may not disassemble your car to install a new GPS system, which is very dangerous for you.Disassembling the GPS system requires professional technicians to disassemble it, because we cannot know exactly where it is, and whether the disassembly will affect the safety of our car.