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GPS jamming blocker is used in up to 85% of recorded cargo truck thefts


  GPS technology has become so ubiquitous in modern times that it is almost immeasurable.Even as Mexico tightens its grip on these incidents, the problem continues to worsen, with a truck robbery occurring every five minutes.

  GPS has become absolutely critical to national security and commercial activity.When a disruptive situation occurs, the Security Operations Center cannot even detect the event and is completely unaware of any malicious activity.

GPS jamming blocker is used in up to 85% of recorded cargo truck thefts

  Trucks rely heavily on accurate and reliable GPS data to ensure their operability and safety.But Mexico released their data a few years ago, showing GPS jammers were used in up to 85 percent of recorded cargo truck thefts.GPS signals are very weak and are particularly susceptible to interference.GPS jamming at the U.S.-Mexico border is an ongoing problem, with significant jamming detected near military operations facilities in New Mexico until March 2022.

  Information on the frequency of GPS jamming in cargo theft is not widely available in the United States and Europe.And we're not just talking about your favorite navigation app on your phone.The core problem with any system using GPS is the nature of the signal itself, all a jammer needs to do to overwhelm the GPS signal is to transmit at the same frequency, just a little stronger than the original GPS signal.

  Without a GPS signal, military fleets cannot navigate and, more importantly, track from a control center.The issue has become a national concern as this critical technology is highly vulnerable to widely available jammers.In case of stealing valuable goods.Malicious actors have begun to recognize the critical role GPS plays, and in recent years, thanks to the widespread availability of cheap GPS signal jammer, these criminals have found an easy way to crack the technology, allowing them to go undetected.

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