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Factors influencing signal intensity of gsm blocker


  A gsm jammer is a device that blocks the reception of cellular signals.Therefore, in order to achieve larger and better wireless coverage, when placing the gsm interceptor, ensure that the area covered by the signal is centered on the antenna to maximize coverage.It can be used to prevent or stop spying by detecting its signals.Since most gsm interceptors currently use an omnidirectional antenna design, for an antenna placed upright, a signal coverage with the antenna as the center will be formed, the surrounding signal is the strongest, and the antenna up and down effect is the weakest.

Factors influencing signal intensity of gsm blockers

  Global System for Mobile Connections.

  Currently supports GSM900 GSM1800

  GSM900 Uplink frequency range 890~915MHZ Downlink frequency range 935~960MHZ

  GSM1800 Uplink frequency range 1710~1785MHZ Downlink frequency range 1805~1880MHZ

  The signal blocker is generally box type, and the single output power is 15W.If you want to increase the signal strength, you must try to avoid signal attenuation caused by passing objects.Another important indicator that affects the signal strength of the gsm interceptor is the gain of the antenna, through which we can use a high-gain antenna to improve the strength and coverage of the signal.Such equipment is segmented to interfere only with the downlink.Due to the high frequency of the signal, when the signal passes through walls, glass or other objects, it will cause great attenuation of the signal.Since the interceptor emits a wireless signal, it will generate signal radiation.

  Its slow-start circuit design prevents sparks and provides good operating stability.Therefore, for personal safety considerations, according to regulations, the transmit power of the interceptor shall not be higher than 100 mW, but the default transmit power of some interceptors is only 80%, so we can try to increase the transmit power appropriately to improve the signal coverage quality.

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