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Can cellphone jammers really prevent children from playing with cellphones?

Now that mobile phones have become the main equipment for children to play games, can we stop the use of mobile phone jammers?


Some parents have begun to use cell phone jammer to force their children to be quiet for a period of time. You can turn on the cell phone jammer, and then you can block WiFi, cell phone services, or both. Although parents must be careful about how strong their cell phone jammers are (otherwise they may receive complaints from neighbors), this may be a good way to ensure compliance with the rules during homework or bedtime. If this sounds extreme, remember that you can turn the jammer off and on as needed. As long as the child in question focuses on other things that are not important, you can turn it off. If this becomes a habit, remember that you also need to install a landline in case you need to answer important calls or make emergency calls while you turn on the mobile jammer. Signal jammers can play a variety of roles, depending on the model purchased, the installation location, and what people want. From soldiers to parents, everyone has used them.