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Disadvantages of gsm interceptors?


  The downside of gsm jammer is a general concern for people using cell phones.After the criminals purchase the fake base station, they will place the fake base station in the trunk of the car, or in places with a lot of people, such as hotels and commercial streets, to carry out mobile attacks.SIM card, including a unique IMSI number (Subscriber Identification Number).Note that these two codes are important information for identifying the identity of the mobile phone.

Disadvantages of gsm blocker

  The technology behind GSM-Blocker uses special signals to inform the phone of its blocked status.Both AUC and EIR are related to authentication.MS: It is Mobile Station, including mobile phone and SIM card.Including BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller).Because CDMA itself has technologies such as fast switching power control, pseudo-random code, spread spectrum communication, etc., it has good security and strong confidentiality, and is basically immune to the threat of "pseudo base station".The VLR manages the information of users who come to this MSC area, and is usually co-located with the MSC hardware.

  It can be configured to transmit the signal to the central office, which can then display the blocking status.HLR/AUC, and MSC/VLR are two different things, generally not put together, it is to manage all mobile phone user information.The mobile phone, including its unique IMEI number (equipment identification number).Base station subsystem: It is the only way for mobile phones to connect to the communication network.

  The signal can be in the form of a color signal or a number, depending on the type of blocker.Mobile switching subsystem: This is a bit complicated, MSC is the most critical, equivalent to a switch.However, GSM will not work, its security is very poor, and it is the key attack target of pseudo base stations.The BTS sends and receives mobile phone signals through the antenna, and the BSC is responsible for managing multiple BTSs.

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