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Blocker work by jamming a device's signal and hiding its location

Hank 2022/10/24

  Jammers work by jamming a device's signal and hiding its location so that it cannot be tracked.GPS jammers is basically a small transmitter that produces a maximum jamming signal of 1575.42 Mhz in a radius of 5 to 10 meters.If not checked in time, there can be serious and even tragic consequences.A driver at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey used a jammer to disable a GPS tracking device installed on his truck, a real-life incident.

Blocker work by jamming a device's signal and hiding its location

  They go by many names, such as "text blockers", "cell jammers" or "signal blockers".When this happens, the GPS tracker is no longer able to determine its exact location due to jammers interfering with its signal.Such things happen naturally, or by chance.In addition to helping users get accurate location information, it can also help them receive alerts and data reports based on information such as time, safe area, direction, and even vehicle speed.

  Typically, such data is broadcast around the world via cellular networks.What a jammer does is send a radio signal on the exact same frequency as a GPS device, but its function is to overwrite the GPS signal from the satellite.

  However, among the causes of signal disruption caused by jammers, the cause is malicious and intentional.This particular incident of the driver just proves how dangerous jammers are and why you need to fight them.There have been natural events where GPS signals have been interrupted by solar flares or satellite failures.GPS signal jammer have long been used to jam communication signals so vehicles and other types of "objects" can move discreetly from one place to another.

  The jammers ended up disrupting air traffic control signals, greatly disrupting airport operations.GPS devices have become more popular in recent years, and as a result, jammers have been created to counteract their use.There are many benefits to utilizing a GPS tracking system.It can run continuously or turn off at specific times so that only a specific part of a person, vehicle or object's whereabouts can be hidden from their location history.