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How much does the GSP jammer affect the transportation industry?

Using jammers without following the instructions may be potentially dangerous. A truck driver in New Jersey used a jammer in his work truck to hide his location from his employer.


For law enforcement and the transport industry, GPS jammers are both annoying and worrying. Interference will interfere with GPS vehicle tracking, also known as fleet tracking or remote information processing, which is an important source of business data for many companies. The fleet uses telematics to track and manage fuel use, idling, driving behaviour, engine health and other activities.
Among civilians, some speeding drivers may use jamming devices to try to prevent being found by the police and avoid fines. Criminals use GPS jammers as a cover for stealing vehicles or to avoid charging tolls or mileage fees. In the field of motorcades, drivers can use GPS interference to prevent employers from knowing where they are driving company vehicles.