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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

GPS Jammers Allow Criminals to Steal Valuable Vehicles, Boats

Mohamed 2022/10/20

  Investing in traffic safety and GPS is one way to address these growing problems. A GPS signal jammer is a useful tool for people who regularly violate traffic laws to help them break traffic laws and hide from law enforcement authorities.

GPS Jammers Allow Criminals to Steal Valuable Vehicles, Boats

  If thieves think your vehicle has GPS units, they may find them and throw them away. By installing a small GPS tracker on your vehicle, you can improve theft prevention and protect your most valuable asset.GPS jammers keep hidden GPS tracking devices or spies from working. Make sure everyone driving your vehicle understands that you can see your precise location in real-time, which means you can identify everything from speeding to navigating through traffic.

  Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for an insurance company to raise your premiums. Criminals steal vehicles used in the transportation and logistics industry for a variety of reasons. Criminals can also steal valuable vehicles such as train cars, motorcycles, boats, and even planes.

  There will be more than 3,200 truck cargo thefts in 2021, up from 2,106 in 2020. Sometimes thieves resell expensive vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, usually after dismantling these items into parts. Other times, thieves use vehicles for additional robberies. In this regard, there has been a certain residual risk that the GPS positioning will be destroyed by the risqué energy to disable anti-theft maintenance or use the vehicle for unintended purposes.

  Transportation theft is on the rise. But why do people need car signal jammer? Often, the device has been used by car robbers across the UK to snatch luxury cars and trucks loaded with valuable cargo, undetected by the authorities via satellite. Law enforcement usually repossesses these vehicles following a violation. With GPS trackers attached to every part of your vehicle, investing in transportation security and GPS can help you prevent theft and quickly retrieve stolen and lost vehicles.

5G Desktop 10 Band Mobile Phone Jammer To Intercept DCS/PHS wifi GPS Signals

Desktop 10 Band 5g Jammer

With the development of the times, the mobile phone signal is getting stronger and stronger, the mobile phone signal has also increased from the original 2g3g4g to 2g3g4g5g, and the frequency of the mobile phone signal is also getting higher and higher. Older jamming devices are becoming more and more limited. This product can support 10 different signal frequency bands, support simultaneous interference with mobile phones, wifi, GPS and other signals; single-channel power can reach 5W, effectively expanding the working distance.

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We bought this WiFi cell phone jammer to figure out what strange device was connected to our WiFi network that we didn't recognize. We just could not find it anywhere and the scan did not show what kind of device it was. Also, thought the purchase would be good since my field is in cyber security...

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