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Anti-eavesdropping portable wireless signal detector device

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TG-007 signal jammers sends audio or video signals through electromagnetic waves. The wireless tap detector is a machine designed to detect and fix the position of hidden wireless tap equipment. With the development of wireless eavesdropping technology, the performance of this type of equipment is constantly improving. They are small in size, low in transmission power, complex in modulation, wide in range, fast in speed, good in remote control and hiding performance, and difficult to detect. The wireless tap detector is designed to detect and accurately determine the position of the working tap device in the target field. It is one of the most advanced portable wireless signal detectors. The machine should be in hand. The SMA socket on the top is for the antenna. The two oval holes on the top right of the panel are for speakers. There are 10 levels of LED indicator lights in the middle on the left, the first of which indicates the power, and the others indicate the strength of the detection signal. The last one shows the strongest signal. The bottom knob is used for power supply and detection threshold modulation.

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Date Added: 11/09/2022 by Lonnie DECKER

The customer service attitude is professional and enthusiastic, and guides me all the way to know what I need to know. Although I failed many times during the payment, I succeeded in the end, thank you.

Date Added: 10/17/2022 by Jill MALDONADO

It works well, the product is quite good, and I will continue to buy it again if I have the opportunity.

Date Added: 10/16/2022 by Darby CASEY

The price of the blocker is very affordable, and the effect is obvious.