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How harmful is the mobile phone to the prison?

If you give your cell phone to criminals, they will only do many extreme incidents that may involve coordinated attacks or killing prison guards and employees.


In order to ensure the safety of the prison as much as possible, the correctional facility administrator and warden need to strictly control what happens in the facility. In practice, this means that great attention should be paid to monitoring the illegal use of mobile phones by imprisoned persons. A cell phone jammer can help accomplish this task. As you probably know, prisoners who have access to mobile phones can pose a lot of risks. Unfortunately, this is often more than simply calling a loved one or friend late at night. Mobile phones can be used to communicate with other prisoners and organize other prisoners. It is not uncommon for a group of prisoners with cell phones to cooperate with each other in order to organize a riot. Similarly, mobile phones are often used in gang activities. The latter situation usually involves targeting a member of another gang or a person considered a threat. Extreme events may involve coordinated attacks or killing of prison guards and employees. Mobile phones can also be used to promote criminal activities outside prisons. Criminals may use them to buy and sell illegal substances, let individuals commit crimes on their behalf, etc. Prisoners awaiting trial can also use mobile phones to coordinate attacks on specific witnesses. It is for this reason that many witnesses may refuse to testify against someone. In short, allowing prisoners to own a mobile phone is a huge burden with countless impacts. Therefore, it must be prevented at all costs.