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How To Block Cell Phone Number On Facebook

Meshal Ibrahim 2021-10-25

What does a mobile phone signal jammer look like? How obvious is the effect? Yesterday noon, the reporter had a real experience in an intermediary company located near Jinsong. "Look, that's it." The salesman crouched down and took out a black box the size of a TV set-top box under his desk, with four antennas on it. When buyers and sellers enter the company and prepare to sign, the black box will be energized and turned on. The reporter found after the experience that How To Block Cell Phone Number On Facebook was turned on, and indeed there was no mobile phone signal. The reporter held the mobile phone and turned it around in a room of more than 30 square meters. The mobile phone was still in a state of paralysis. "Some companies are placed in the office area, while others are placed in the contract room. Customers generally will not find out. Even if they see it, they don't know what it is." The salesperson told reporters that once the customer came, mobile phone jammers Turn it on, even the salesman wants to call the cell phone and gets the signal outside the door. cell phone jammer

The three major functions of mobile phone jammers 1. Prevent competitors from "troubleshooting" at critical moments 2. Prevent buyers and sellers from learning the other's mobile phone number when signing a contract, and “jumping orders” to avoid intermediary fees 3. Prevent buyers and sellers from encountering when signing a contract To problems that I don’t understand, I call my friends for consultation and cause the contract to fail in the market. The intermediary's malformed competition customers are shaved innocently. How To Block Cell Phone Number On Facebook Why must the customer's mobile phone be completely paralyzed at the gate when signing the contract? "It turns out that we didn't care. Later, we found that as soon as the customer entered the store, other intermediaries called. They either recommended cheaper housing to the buyers or recommended customers who were willing to pay higher prices to the homeowner. "Now that the intermediary companies are all on the same street, and the current transaction volume is indeed very small, the companies on the street can see which company the buyer and seller have entered, so they began to "make trouble." "In fact, they don't have cheaper houses and better customers at all. The purpose is to "stir up" other businesses and pry them into their own company before making a deal slowly." Manager Yin said. It is understood that this kind of deformed competition to pry customers has prevailed. This is how Mr. Wang, who has a house to sell in Donghua City, was pryed. Mr. Wang told reporters that the contract was in front of his eyes. Just when he was about to write the pen, he suddenly received a call from a large intermediary company saying that a client would buy his own house in full. Mr. Wang was very moved when he heard it. It's hard to find a full month, so I turned around and left immediately. But it turned out that Mr. Wang was fooled, because the intermediary said, "I don't want to buy the full amount," and Mr. Wang was helpless when he was angry.