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Cheapest Cell Phone Sigbal Jammer

Ponce Jose 2021-09-30

Nowadays, many parents of students around me are keen to buy a Cheapest Cell Phone Sigbal Jammer for the family to control their children to use their mobile phones to surf the Internet. I also want to buy one. "A few days ago, Mr. Liu, who lives in Tanggu, Binhai New Area, called our newspaper’s news hotline and said that his son was in the third year of the middle school this year, and he often played on his mobile phone at home. Buying a cell phone jammer to control the children's cell phone to surf the Internet. "I don't know if using a cell phone signal jammer will have any impact, so I have been hesitating. Mr. Liu explained to the reporter. According to Mr. Liu’s report, the reporter came to a place where the sales of mobile phone jammers are concentrated in the Tanggu Foreign Goods Market in Binhai New Area. The reporter saw in the Xinyang Market, cell phone jammer There are about two or three shops in.

The reporter first walked to the door of a store with the Cheapest Cell Phone Sigbal Jammer sign. A male stall owner introduced to the reporter that the mobile phone jammers he sells here can shield various mobile phone signal sources, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. The minimum shielding area is about 2 meters, and the maximum can reach 200 square meters. "There are 6 antennas on a good mobile phone jammer, and the antennas can be removed by yourself, which is very convenient to use." The stall owner explained to the reporter. In another shop selling mobile phone jammers, the stall owner told reporters that the jammers he sold here can not only shield mobile phone signals, but also shield various WIFI signal sources. The price ranges from 100 yuan to 900 yuan. The stall owner also took out two of the mobile phone jammers to show the reporter. The reporter observed that the size of these two mobile phone jammers is almost the same as the size of the mobile phone. The top of the mobile phone jammer is the antenna, which is a high-priced mobile phone signal jammer. Four antennas are used, and two antennas are used for the lower price. There is also a charger next to it. The stall owner told reporters that the cell phone signal jammer d he sells here is 6 antennas, and the signal sources it shields are relatively complete.