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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal In Us

Perfectjammer 2021/10/18

When the battery of the mobile phone is started, when the bell rings, it can generate enough energy to cause a slight spark to generate electric sparks, which may cause a fire. Petroleum, chemical, security and other relevant departments have clearly stipulated that the use of mobile phones in oil depots has been issued for a long time, but the current implementation is not ideal. The equipment in the oil depot is controlled by a computer. The signal of the mobile phone will affect the normal operation of the equipment and cause inaccurate measurement. More importantly, sparks will appear during the call from the mobile phone, which can easily cause fire and cause the oil depot to explode. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal In Us After startup, it will continuously transmit interference signals against all mobile phones on the market (including all frequency bands of 2G, 3G, 4G, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile) and 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, usually under shielding All mobile phones, wireless LAN Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices within the range will lose their communication functions and cannot send and receive text messages, make calls, or browse the Internet. Product features of mobile phone signal jammer for oil depot: cell phone jammer

Oil depot mobile phone jammer effectively shields the 2G+3G+4G mobile phone frequency band + WIFI wireless network mobile phone jammer; adopts a new aluminum alloy oxide shell with high heat dissipation performance, and the equipment has good long-term working stability; adopts foreign advanced chips and technologies, and slow-start circuit design , High integration; adopts ultra-high frequency broadband interference technology, only interferes with the downlink, does not interfere with the base station; adopts multi-channel segmented independent shielding 3G/4G technology, and the shielding effect is better; the single unit transmit power is 25W, and each channel is about 2W-5W ;The effective shielding range is 0-50 meters (depending on the operator's network signal status); it can work continuously without shutting down all year round; Oil DepotCell Phone Signal Jammer Legal In Us Product advantages: 1. Industrial-grade switching power supply is used for power supply, equipped with a precise voltage regulator circuit, even if the voltage fluctuates relatively Large, it will not affect the normal operation of the host; 2. The host shell adopts a fully enclosed protective shell design, which fully takes into account the problems of waterproof, dustproof and vandalism in special sites; 3. Equipped with a dedicated ducted ventilating heat sink base , The speed of the cooling fan can be adjusted; 4. It can be used continuously for many years, with stable performance and long service life; and the mobile phone signal jammer of the oil depot is harmless to the human body. Product inspection and inspection reports are complete; passed the Ministry of Public Security inspection and electromagnetic radiation safety inspection; the mobile phone signal jammer of the oil depot is applicable: 1. The shielding of the mobile phone signal in various examination classrooms such as English test, college entrance examination, high school entrance examination, adult examination, etc.; 2. Party Meeting places for government agencies and enterprises that need to be kept secret; 3. Courts, detention centers, large, medium and small prisons, etc.; 4. Inflammable and explosive places such as oil depots, oil depots, and oil fields; 5. All places where mobile phone calls are prohibited;