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Do Casinos Block Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2021/11/14

The students of the Fifth Senior Middle School in Dongguan, Guangdong, have recently been worried about revisiting the history of "Paper Notes" and "Flying Pigeon Transmission", because "wind sound" has been released inside the campus, and the installation of the rumor Do Casinos Block Cell Phones has been completed. Will be activated within this week. By then, whether students are holding apples, blackberries or other "smart phones", they will be "misfired" within the five middle range, and can only be used as calculators and alarm clocks at most. The earliest news came from the Weibo community. As early as the 2nd of this month, Weibo netizens were fighting for the title and asked everyone: "Fifth Middle School, I heard that mobile phone signal blocking will be implemented next week?! cell phone jammer

At that time, only a few passers-by" on Weibo questioned that it seemed impractical to block cell phone signals on campus. The reason was that "teachers also want to use their mobile phones to'steal food'...". For several days, Dongguan Five Netizens of middle school students began to be unable to sit still, and they went to Weibo to verify that the "Dongguan Fifth Middle School" was going to block mobile phone signals. The news station of the student private blogger No. 5 Gonzo News Station finally made a statement recently and said: "Fifth Middle School is now It seems that the installation of the mobile phone jammer has been completed and it is expected to be put into use next week. At the same time, the camera installed in the classroom will be put into use.” This incident aroused dissatisfaction among students. Installation Do Casinos Block Cell Phones This move "traveled to jail" and mourned that "a small private life can no longer be guaranteed." More students worry that if the school really starts to block mobile phone signals, it may cause hidden dangers to campus safety. Netizen Maigar thinks: "If there is an urgent matter for people, land and housing enterprises, call D Zai Nu to count? ! Do you think D teachers are willing to answer the phone for students in 5×24 hours? ! "