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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

The interference source needs to be within the range of the mobile phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2020-09-24

Using multiple mobile phones with multiple frequency ranges to test the shielding effect of mobile phone signal jammers in the field is a very convenient, labor-saving and feasible test method. Compared with the limitations of the mobile phone test software and the need to convert after passing the professional instrument test, this method is easy for users to grasp. The method is as follows: Prepare a mobile phone with multiple frequency bands, including: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, 3G (very good there are three types of 3G: China Mobile TD-SCDMA, China Unicom CDMA2000, China Telecom WCDMA), 4G, and then turn on the mobile phone signal jammer , Hold each mobile phone and test the effective shielding radius of the jammer from near to far from the mobile cell phone jammer installation position. It is recommended that the user should simultaneously test the shielding distance in multiple directions from the jammer during the test.

When checking whether the mobile phone is blocked, you should pay attention: You can't just check the signal grid number on the mobile phone, because the signal grid number on the mobile phone is sometimes false, and you should dial the mobile phone intermittently. You can try to dial a local toll-free number or a fixed number. If the landline number cannot be dialed, it is judged to be still in the shielding range, otherwise, it means that it has exceeded the shielding range of the jammer. To test whether a certain point is within the shielding range, hold the mobile phone in this position for more than half a minute to confirm whether the mobile phone is shielded.

If you dial the phone from the unshielded area to the shielded area, you will often walk into the shielded area for a considerable distance before the phone is completely shielded. This is because once the phone is dialed, the phone itself has the ability to resist interference. This kind of anti-interference will make the mobile phone adjust its transmitting power to ensure the normal call this time. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to perform dynamic testing in the call state, but to perform static testing at various points. After testing all the multiple frequency bands, select a certain frequency band with a short shielding radius as the effective shielding radius of the mobile phone signal jammer in this area. The position can be estimated based on this when carrying out large-area honeycomb layout.