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Jammer news often appears in prisons

Perfectjammer 2020-09-29

Interfering with mobile phones in prison is a frequent topic in the news. However, counteracting waves in reality is a difficult task. For 2019, a budget of 20 million euros will be invested.

This is Sisyphus's job: regularly, the prison administration must deploy and strengthen its jammer devices to prevent inmates from using the smartphones of their accomplices illegally entering the prison to communicate with the outside world. In fact, some systems are only effective for second-generation (2G) technology.

But today, 3G and 4G are becoming commonplace. And 5G is about to appear.

It is for this reason that investment in this field has never really seen its end. Not only must we invest in unequipped prisons (on January 1, 2018, only 110 of the 188 detention centers in France were equipped, or 60% of the housing), but we must also remit money to organize the oldest equipment.

This is what Nicole Belloubet, the Attorney General, just explained to the senator, who requested an update on the installation of cell phone jammer in prisons. In a response published in the "Official Journal" on November 29, the Attorney General stated that he plans to budget 19.9 million euros for this purpose in 2019. In comparison, the total amount in 2018 was 14.7 million euros.

He explained that priority will be given to “centers that house the most sensitive detainees or those most vulnerable to cell phone traffic”. Mentioned are Paris-Lasante in Haussmann, Paris, two sites in Île-de-France and Vidan-le-Viere in the north of Vidan-le-Viere, in which a certain amount of Redouin was imprisoned. Faid. It pointed out that Zhonghe will take effect under "all commercial frequencies in the future."

The written questions from members of Congress are also an opportunity for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clarify why it is difficult to resist the wave of prison calls. In addition to the technological diversity of today's implementations (2G, 3G, 4G and the upcoming 5G) that the oldest jammers cannot cope with, there are other factors, endogenous and exogenous, all at work. account.

"In addition to the speed at which the equipment becomes obsolete, the particularity of the prison structure also hinders the effectiveness of the signal sent by the jammer system," especially the passive safety devices in the prison. Nicole Belloubet's service also mentioned other factors, such as the existence of prisons in the city (don't confuse the surrounding environment).

The Ministry of Justice also listed the unique characteristics of prisons, which are equipped with many reinforced concrete walls, gates and fences. The executive said that all this "disrupted the broadcast of the jammer system." And "the illegal communication in neutralization and detention is extremely complicated."