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Cell Phone Block On Business Becomes A Stealing Tool For Criminals

Perfectjammer 2022-02-02

The merchant also introduced that this electronic Cell Phone Block On Business has the most obvious impact on Audi and Volkswagen. In this regard, the reporter contacted the Dongying Association for Science and Technology. The staff introduced that the on-board electronic Cell Phone Jammer is actually a signal jammer. It does not have functions such as decoding and unlocking, and can only interfere with the owner's locking of the car. car. Every car's electronic lock has a different radio wave frequency, and most are in a similar frequency band. When the owner uses the electronic key to drive, the vehicle can receive the corresponding radio waves to control the door lock. The police reminded that in recent years, there have been numerous cases of theft using car-mounted electronic mobile phone jammers. Some criminals often use electronic jammers for theft after purchasing equipment. Police remind car owners not to put valuables in the car, and to check whether it is really locked after locking the car.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of the prison Cell Phone Block On Business system? If the prison has no blind spots, it should be tested repeatedly. In places with strong signals such as "windows" or "every corners", professional equipment detectors should be used. shielding of radiation and other systems;