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How to work cell phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2018-05-10

How to use gsm jammerMany users who use a wireless phone signal shield don't know how it works, and often use it beyond the frequency range, resulting in poor use. Perfectjammer is a well-known manufacturer of wireless signal blockers, and we feel it is necessary to give you a good idea of how it works so that users can achieve better results.

The working principle of mobile communication is in a certain frequency range, wireless devices (cell phones, etc.) and contact by radio waves, the base station to a certain way of baud rate and modulation complete data and voice transmission. When the phone is communicating, it communicates with the base station through the uplink frequency and then transfers the signal to the mobile service exchange center for the call. In standby mode, mobile phone through radio contact with the base station control channel, once have needs, first by asking, according to the specific conditions of the terminal near the channel assigned to mobile phone business channel, enabling to jump to business communication and data transmission channel. At the same time, wireless communication must ensure enough SNR to receive and communicate effectively.

According to the above working principle, the cell phone jammer is generally composed of power supply, electronic scanning control unit, segmented radio frequency module unit, amplifier unit, transmitting antenna unit, etc. Signal generator to generate scanning signal after inverter into the oscillator to the mobile communication frequency modulation, through the power amplifier power amplifier and voltage regulator tube control, enlarged the frequency sweep signal in the form of radio waves launched into the air. Because of the frequency sweep signal formed in mobile phone message reception garbled interference (increase the proportion of noise noise signals to equipment threshold), mobile phone can't receive normal data from the base station, cell phone can't establish normal connection with base station, enabling from the base station communications network. The mobile phone shows no signal, no service system and other phenomena in the search network to achieve the blocking effect.

The interference power of the shield is certain, and the shielding radius of the non-blocking space is determined by the path attenuation and the receiving base station signal level. On mobile network to realize mobile phone signal jammer, must ensure that the jammer signal of the field strength is greater than the implementation of mobile signal interference area of field intensity, interfere with the location as close to the base station, the stronger the field intensity, effective jamming area is smaller, conversely, the farther from the base station location, field strength is weak, the greater the effective jamming area.

Where use gsm jammer

The Vatican security service has installed a device to block Internet and cell phone signals for the new Pope's election in Rome. The jamming device will stop the cardinals and staff, including the Vatican service staff, from installing the microphone to get information. According to the TV station, anyone who violates the ban will be excommunicated from the church.

Ural state university is located in yekaterinburg, home to former Russian President Boris yeltsin. Principal stanislav nabokov's has said that his school is the first in the testing of all mobile equipment installed inside the school, one of the cost as much as 2 million rupees (39000 pounds). "Every year we meet a lot of bold students in the entrance exam, and they use their mobile phones to get a lot of off-site cues." Naboychenko said.

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