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Mobile phone jammers can maintain social stability

Perfectjammer 2021-07-23

mobile cell phone jammers

With the development of communication 3G and 4G technologies, we have developed a perfect solution to the problem of 3G and 4G time division synchronization, shielding mobile phone signals more accurately, and solving the problem of mobile cell phone jammer station signals. At the same time, in terms of power, smartmobile phone signals Compared with the traditionalsignal jammer, the jammer has the same output power of 10W, and the shielding distance of the smartsignal jammer is more than ten times that of the traditional jammer. In other respects, smartmobile phone jammers also have passive shielding, intelligently scan and analyze base station signals, respond in nanoseconds and send out interference signals at the same time to block the communication between mobile phones and base stations, thereby achieving the characteristics of green shielding. It also has an intelligent self-organizing network function, the system is equipped with an intelligent processing unit, and multiple devices can work together, which perfectly realizes the automatic network function and adapts to various complex environments. The intelligentsignal jammer can realize the remote monitoring function. It can alarm for power failure, antenna feeder, module abnormality, line abnormality, illegal opening of the chassis, and remote control of the device’s power on and off, frequency and power adjustment, and the device can automatically Check.

In the old days, letters were the only commuting medium, and mobile phones were just fancy devices for the rich. The world today is undergoing more rapid and advanced technological changes than ever before! From children to adults, people are addicted to smartphones. What used to take hours to complete can now be easily done with your phone in a minute or even a few seconds. Since almost everything on mobile phones is easily accessible, people have become so used to their smart devices that they use these devices consciously or unconsciously, even in places where the use of mobile phones is not allowed or should not be used. This is inevitable It will cause troubles and even potential safety hazards, such as: new noise pollution, such as occasions where it is clearly stated that mobile phones must be turned off, there are always some people who do not follow the regulations, take off planes, and use mobile phones to talk to relatives, friends and acquaintances, performance occasions, symphony The critical moments of life and death are being performed between the music chapters or on the stage of the drama. Suddenly, colorful ringtones rang.....Now for example, eight out of ten people are suffering from mobile phone obsessive disorder, and they keep using their mobile phones anytime and anywhere, which interferes with normal The order of life and work, which is more serious, has become a new leak channel, posing a threat to the security of confidential information; it will also become a new criminal means, such as the use of SMS fraud to affect social stability.

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