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How To Block An Office From Cell Phone Reception

Perfectjammer 2021/10/17

In the information age, security issues related to wireless communications are increasingly manifested in different fields. In recent years, the security and security of national defense information, economic information, and scientific and technological information have been continuously challenged from various aspects at home and abroad. In this regard, my country’s relevant regulations clearly stipulate: “It is strictly forbidden to carry and use public network mobile phones when performing combat, preparation, training, and exercise tasks; it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones into war rooms, intelligence rooms, confidential rooms, and communications. Hubs, secret venues, military aircraft and naval cabins, important warehouses, missile launch positions, weapons and equipment testing grounds, war preparation projects and other secret sites.” In fact, How To Block An Office From Cell Phone Reception prohibiting mobile phones from being brought into important places is not the first in my country. Some developed countries The intelligence department, cell phone jammer Click to enter the category you need to buy the most suitable device for you.

Luoyang, Henan and Nanjing, Jiangsu have completely banned payment by scanning codes with mobile phones in restricted areas of gas stations. However, some experts believe that the possibility of explosions caused by the use of mobile phones in gas stations is only "in theory." Can we scan the QR code on our mobile phone to pay for gas? How To Block An Office From Cell Phone Reception Also adds a layer of protection to people's lives.