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Mobile jammers can operate in complex environments

Perfectjammer 2021-07-22

mobile jammers

In fact, whether a mobile phone jammer can really work in a special place depends on the operator's signal magnetic field strength, the application technology and power of the mobile phone signal jammer are also important parameters that determine whether it can shield the mobile phone signal. We know that important surveillance places such as prisons, detention centers, and drug rehabilitation centers are very afraid that criminals may leak secret confessions or remotely control crimes in the surveillance area. It is necessary to install mobile cell phone jammer. However, the surveillance area is large, the surrounding environment is complicated, and many mobile phones Jammers cannot solve the problem of signal shielding. In these cases,mobile phone signal jammers with advanced shielding technology will come into play.

The college entrance examination has always been the focus of the people of the whole country. One exam is fixed for life. Some people even say that the real starting line of life starts with the college entrance examination. These words seem simple, but in fact they fully reflect the importance of the college entrance examination. As an important opportunity for the turning point of life, the college entrance examination also brings high-tech cheating methods. Speaking of cheating, the methods of Chinese candidates confirm the infinite possibilities of human wisdom. Any high-tech can be used, and conventional answers are copied. Writing a note is already out. Times are advancing, and cheating methods are also escalating. In the 21st century, the main cheating tool is electronic communication products, but if we have anti-cheating artifacts, mobile phone signal jammers, we can achieve fairness and justice in the exam.

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