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Scosche Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-07-20

Scosche Cell Phone Jammer

In the era of high-speed information, most of us choose to indulge in smartphones and are not aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is the harmful effect of mobile WIFI addiction. What you need now is to get a functional Scosche Cell Phone Jammer from our store and immediately stop the bad habit of mobile phone addiction. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Yinchuan City Management Office of the Office of the Non-Committee of the Autonomous Region that recently, the Office has been targeting unauthorized installations in accordance with the "Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Radio cell phone jammer This is the first time in our district that the first fine was issued for the violation of the law and an administrative penalty of confiscation of illegal equipment and a fine of 10,000 yuan was imposed on the offending party.

On November 14, the Yinchuan Administration Office of the Non-Commissioned Office of the Autonomous Region received an interference complaint from the Yinchuan branch of China Mobile, stating that their new Shuiqiao base station was severely disturbed, and a large number of nearby users complained that they could not make and receive calls and traffic normally. Problems such as poor quality and frequent call drops. ​The law enforcement officers rushed to the scene to conduct an inspection. Through direction finding, they found that the source of interference was located in a nearby warehouse. Law enforcement officers immediately investigated the place and collected evidence and determined that the warehouse was rented by a lady surnamed Ma. It was mainly used to store mortgaged vehicles. In order to prevent others from finding the parking place, she also purchased, set up and used Scosche Cell Phone Jammer . The law enforcement officers imposed an administrative penalty of confiscating the illegal equipment and imposing a fine of 10,000 yuan on the party involved in the illegal act in accordance with the law.

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