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Hamed Hatem 2021-08-31

After working in an Internet company, he found that the company always withdrew from some messy regulations, which made him very puzzled. Before long, the boss installed Traduction Cell Phone Jammer in the corner of the office, so that many employees had no way to go online, but only in the company. Actually performing work, if there is no signal, your friends or family members may not know if they call. Once there is an urgent matter, there is no way to know the first time, so many new employees choose after seeing the boss's random actions. Resign, cell phone jammer After seeing this, many netizens also think that they should not choose to compromise in the face of this kind of thing, because there are still many companies that are very kind.

There are many employees who work in the company and do not want to be bullied, especially some college students in the workplace. Whenever they see that the company’s regulations are unreasonable or the company’s boss is unreliable, they will choose to resign. I also suggest that everyone is found in the company. For the following three kinds of predicaments that are unfavorable to you, you must leave your job as soon as possible, and don't go with the crowd anymore. The rules set by the boss of the company are fundamentally unreasonable. Employees are allowed to comply. If the employees refuse, they will start to deny the employees. In fact, many young people now want to go well when they enter the company. Leaders want to be led, and more Praise and respect, instead of using Traduction Cell Phone Jammer , so that employees can not access the Internet normally. But in the end, I got a negative answer, because at the beginning, the leader may be very moved by the employees’ practices, but when formulating regulations, they don’t consider employees’ feelings at all, so many employees in the workplace feel that they are performing tasks. , The leader left an inconsistent impression on himself.