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The mobile phone signal jammer is upgraded to block the latest 4G signal

Perfectjammer 2021-01-02

signal jammer

The Metropolis Daily News reporter learned from the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office yesterday that the city spent more than 1 million yuan this year to update mobile phone signal shielding devices, metal detectors and other equipment at all test sites. Among them, the mobile cell phone jammer has been upgraded to block the latest 4G signals that have been activated in some domestic cities, and the WiFi signals of the test sites will also be blocked.

Will jammers interfere with English listening and broadcasting? This has become a concern for parents. Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Recruitment Office stated that after the English listening test is over, the shielding device can be switched on to start normal work; after the test, the jammer will be turned off only after all candidates in the exam room have left the exam room.

According to reports, Nankai University also used advanced anti-cheating tools such as cell phone jammers, ID card recognition devices, and metal detectors when taking major exams. Among them, signal jammers can only shield 2G signals in the past, and upgrade to shield the latest 4G signal activated in some domestic cities. During the test, the WIFI signal of the whole school will also be turned off. The school has also achieved full coverage of standardized examination rooms, capable of real-time monitoring of all examination rooms, and real-time video transmission with the Ministry of Education (microblog) and Tianjin Education Examination Institute.

   A total of 14,518 people applied for Nankai University in the 2014 National Postgraduate Entrance Exam, and a total of 5,460 students took the exam at Nankai University. The school has a total of 127 examination rooms and more than 400 invigilators. All exam rooms and classrooms are equipped with clocks, and each candidate is equipped with erasers, pens, and rulers. Candidates are only allowed to bring 2B pencils into the exam room and only a small number of test subjects according to some candidates indicated on the admission ticket. Calculator with calculation function. Candidates are not allowed to bring watches, pens, ballpoint pens or signature pens, erasers, rulers, any books, newspapers, manuscript paper, materials, communication tools or electronic supplies with storage, programming, and query functions, correction fluids, correction tapes and other items into the examination room.

The school’s installation of cell phone jammers affected the lives of surrounding residents Mobile phone jammer is a kind of radio station