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Why do the safety of the gas station need jammers?

Perfectjammer 2019-04-24

With the emergence of smart phones, mobile power and calorific value is more and more big. At the same time give some easy to an accident sites has brought the very big hidden trouble, for example, a gas station. Say so, because when large Numbers of smart phones are fever, have a chance to produce a spark that could ignite gas station. That's why many gas stations ban answering the phone when filling up

That's why propaganda for the sake of safety, gas station will be the best buy cell phone jammer to prevent sparks gasoline. Can also suggest the driver also buy one in order to ensure driving safety. In the process of cell phone use will produce strong electrostatic spark and strong. And these factors, is the main cause of gas explosion. This is why we need to use the jammer in the gas station.