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Best powerful 12 Bands mobile phone jammers reviews

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We bought this WiFi cell phone jammer to figure out what strange device was connected to our WiFi network that we didn't recognize. We just could not find it anywhere and the scan did not show what kind of device it was. Also, thought the purchase would be good since my field is in cyber security. At first it seemed complicated because the instructions are not the best. But proceeded that connect both antennas and turned it on the first green indicator light. Then got it close to my phone while I had a browser open and saw it work. Then tested it closer to the modem and lighted up like a Christmas tree. So now I know how it worked. Especially when in use the machine will light up strongly. In any case, I think it works great for the purpose and even for more "spy-ish" kind of work, since at least it shows you devices that are transmitting whatever it is they are transmitting that you may not have been aware of before.