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In this information age, have you protected your information?

Perfectjammer 2020-04-30

Please read carefully and remember: from now on, you have been under surveillance. Sounds great or scary? Look closely at the stranger sitting on the other side of the corridor. Although he seems to be talking on his smartphone, he is taking pictures of you with the help of a special application. This is just the beginning. At the Tuesday morning meeting, when you were joking about the new boss, your colleague ’s smartphone was lying quietly at the table, recording every word you said. Later that night, when you were in the restaurant, you made an innocent joke with the waitress, and someone was recording the entire interaction.

In fact, this phenomenon exists in many places and in various fields. These companies may be companies we are already familiar with, especially because I am already talking about certain technologies. For example, Apple applied for a patent for a new technology at the end of last year, which can simply disable the iPhone ’s camera using an infrared sensor pointing at the camera. It was developed to prevent movie piracy. However, ordinary people can also use this equipment in advance. Todd Morris, founder and CEO of surveillance and anti-surveillance company BrickHouse Security, said that some of the first technologies already exist to help people prevent intentional registration. For example, any woman can be in the dressing room to find out if a hidden camera is installed in his clothes. This phenomenon of voyeurism can be seen everywhere, but what can we do to prevent them from happening? The gps blocker is a good solution In response to this dilemma, perfectjammer.com has many high-quality jammers that people like.

Todd Morris said: "Although you do not wear fake beards or stockings on your head, there is no way to prevent anyone in the large crowd from being photographed in secret." "In these cases, we will only use Say there are algorithms to use our technology to compete with it at the server level "Don't post this picture of me on the web. "" If these companies can tag someone on the Internet just by recognizing their voices or even facial expressions, then they should also be able to tag them in the same way. However, when everyone starts using these Google glasses and other augmented reality glasses, we will face this new type of surveillance, but the portable jammer that come with it will also become more and more powerful.

Tony Fadell, founder and CEO of Nest Labs (the company that manufactures smart thermostats), said that the disguised device will definitely be used by ordinary people to protect their privacy. He said the audio cape is a high-tech hat that can pour out flat noise from above and prevent someone from recording your chat history. However, disguising images will be a more difficult task, he added. Among other possible anti-recording techniques, there is a collar that emits infrared light and simply disturbs all the images taken in your direction, or a radar-like watch that vibrates from you when a recorder is activated nearby.

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