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Old School Block Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-10-22

Old School Block Cell Phone

Every time after locking the car, did you pull another car door to confirm whether it was locked? Many car owners may not have this habit. Because of this, the two thieves relied on a Old School Block Cell Phone purchased from the Internet, and in just over 20 days, they frequently committed crimes and stole nearly 100,000 yuan of property from the car owner. The reporter learned from the Dongxihu District police yesterday that the thieves He and Wang were arrested and brought to justice and detained under criminal law. The signal jammer was purchased online by Wang. It is a small black rectangular black box with two antennas. It can interfere with the car owner's locking of the door and make the car owner mistakenly think that the door is locked. He is in charge of the lookout, and He is responsible for stealing property. Since August this year, He and Wang have rushed to Hongshan Square, Zhongnan Road and other parking lots around subway stations, stealing dozens of high-end cigarettes, liquor, Apple mobile phones, platinum diamond rings, etc., worth nearly 100,000 yuan. cell phone jammer

On December 10, our bureau sent staff to rush to the disturbed area together with staff from the Municipal Mobile Company. After on-site investigation and testing, the source of interference, Old School Block Cell Phone , was finally found in the production workshop of Junji Industrial. The switch test further confirmed that the unauthorized installation and use of mobile phone signal jammers in the production workshop of Junji Industrial caused interference to the public mobile communication network. The staff of our bureau pointed out on the spot that his behavior violated relevant regulations of radio management, and asked him to immediately remove the mobile phone signal jammer. At the same time, he reported to the Xinfeng County Radio Coordination Office and required relevant coordination and handling work to be done. According to the staff, in order to prevent workers from playing mobile phones during production and affecting production safety, mobile phone signal jammers were installed in the workshop.

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