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Riojas April 2021-11-03

Recently, many citizens have reported to this newspaper that some so-called "college entrance examination cheating devices" have begun to appear on the local network, and criminals openly sell the answers to the college entrance examination on the Internet, with prices ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. "Some parents and test-takers are willing to take risks. If they succeed in cheating, what will happen to the children who are studying hard?" said one parent. Block Cell Phone Caller Id Verizon It is indeed on sale online, and there are many varieties. Search reporters through Baidu found that a cheat device that looks like a chocolate eraser is the hottest cheat device for the college entrance examination this year. The price of this little thing is 5,000 yuan, and there is an additional charge for receiving answers through it, and the answers range from 2,500-10,000 yuan per subject. In addition to this kind of cheaters, the reporter saw that a variety of signal jammers, such as ruler cheaters, low-frequency headphones, and FM watches, are all being sold online. Most lawbreakers release their own information through QQ groups or mobile phone text messages, and some even pay a certain deposit. cell phone jammer

In response to parents' concerns and online cheating device sales, the reporter interviewed the staff responsible for the college entrance examination of the education department of our city. The staff told reporters that this year, all college entrance examination test centers and test centers in our city have realized the simultaneous network monitoring of provinces, cities and the country, and each test center will be equipped with a special Block Cell Phone Caller Id Verizon . It is understood that in each examination room of the college entrance examination, the invigilator will conduct a full range of security checks on the candidates before entering the room. It is impossible to bring electronic devices such as mobile phones into the examination room. At the same time, signal shielding will also be carried out. Interfere. "Please rest assured that the majority of candidates and parents, we will do a good job in the relevant work, severely crack down on cheating in the college entrance examination, and ensure the fairness and justice of the college entrance examination. At the same time, we also remind the majority of candidates not to have a fluke mentality, not to make small mistakes, so-called mobile phone interference The cheating device is deceptive. Once the cheating is discovered, the candidates’ scores in all subjects of the college entrance examination that year may be cancelled, and the cheating information will be recorded in the candidates’ integrity files, which will have a negative impact on the candidates’ lives." Said the staff member. I also interviewed Chen Baojin, a policeman in our city who has participated in the security work of the college entrance examination for many times. He said that many criminals simply did not have this thing in their hands. They used the curiosity of candidates and parents to wait for the money to arrive before they disappeared.