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Home Made Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021-10-18

Home Made Cell Phone Radiation Blocker

A lawyer from a law firm in Zhejiang said that the test installation Home Made Cell Phone Radiation Blocker , from a legal perspective, there are currently no relevant legal regulations in China. Article 40 of China’s Constitution stipulates: “Citizens’ freedom of communication and confidentiality of communications are protected by law. Except for the needs of national security or the pursuit of criminal offences, public security organs or procuratorial organs shall conduct inspections of communications in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law. Or individuals must not infringe citizens’ freedom of communication and communication secrets for any reason.” Attorney Xu Ning said, if the mobile phone jammer installed in the school is too disruptive and causes the residents around the school to be unable to make normal calls, I think this has violated If the citizens’ right to freedom of communication has been violated, citizens who have been infringed can request the relevant departments to stop the infringement and eliminate the impact. cell phone jammer

According to the spirit of the General Principles of Civil Law, there is compensation for losses. People around the school do not take the test and are not the subject of cell phone signal blocking. Due to the unilateral behavior of the test party, the surrounding residents cannot communicate normally. Of course, it is a loss. The other party can be required to use technical means to refine the Home Made Cell Phone Radiation Blocker shielding range to eliminate the impact. For the exam party, it is safer to perform the obligation of notification before installing a mobile phone jammer. For example, make announcements around, telling people in what time period and within what range may affect everyone's mobile phone calls, and it is best to use a fixed phone.

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