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How To Disconnect Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-19

How To Disconnect Cell Phone Jammer

The day before yesterday afternoon, the head of the Chinese Football Association, Wei Di, convened 11 middle officials from the Football Association to study anti-corruption and rectification. In order to ensure the confidentiality of the content of the meeting, the working group of the General Administration of Sports specially installed a "How To Disconnect Cell Phone Jammer" on the spot. This is the second group of people organized by the Chinese Football Association to carry out ideological rectification, including the men’s football team leader Wei Shaohui, the Olympic team leader Li Xiaoguang, the director of the comprehensive department Liu Dianqiu, the deputy director of the technical department Li Feiyu, the deputy director of the youth department Tang Feng, and the original 08 Li Xiaoxu, head of the office, Shao Wenzhong, general manager of Fordbao, and other middle-level cadres of the Football Association. Each of them spoke for about 10 minutes, and the main content was their knowledge and reflection on anti-corruption. cell phone jammer

Similar to the first rectification study meeting, the content of these cadres who spoke was almost the same, and no one took the initiative to confess or talk about substantive How To Disconnect Cell Phone Jammer issues. Even some speeches completely deviated from the subject. For example, a middle-level cadre said, “The outside has always said that Chinese football is not good because the layman leads the insider, but I think the outsider can lead the insider.” Some people think that this is going to Wedi, who was transferred from the aquatic center to the foot tube center, offered to flatter. After the batch rectification study meeting is over, the Chinese Football Association will organize a plenary meeting before March 25. At that time, the grass-roots staff within the Football Association will also have the same opportunity to speak. Although the rectification activities are continuing, everyone's nerves are tense, but for those staff who are not afraid of shadows, they still have a happy mood. When talking to friends about the recent rectification, they still had the heart to joke: "The investigation team asked me if I had made any mistakes, and I frankly said that I ate two more steamed buns in the cafeteria today."

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