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Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone

Artander Lone 2021-11-02

According to the Lanzhou Evening News report on December 23, the reporter learned from the Provincial Education Examination Institute that the 2020 national postgraduate entrance examination in our province ended successfully on the same day. A total of 62,269 people signed up for this test in the province. There are 9 test areas in Lanzhou, Tianshui, Pingliang, Zhangye, Qingyang, Wuwei, Dingxi, Baiyin, and Jiuquan, 19 registration sites, 38 test sites, and 2038 test sites. For this test, all test centers in the province are equipped with anti-cheating equipment such as Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone , invisible headphone detector, metal detector, ID card recognition device and so on. The invigilators of each test center strictly do the entrance inspection, strictly prevent cheating tools from entering the test center, and strictly follow the "Examination Implementation" procedures in the "Examination Management Regulations" of our province to complete the invigilation work. cell phone jammer

The radio management department also sent staff and radio direction-finding vehicles to each test site to conduct inspections around the test site, Block Outgoing Calls On Cell Phone effectively blocking and suppressing suspicious radio signals. During the examination period, the Provincial Recruitment Committee dispatched inspection inspection teams to 19 test sites across the province to inspect the preparations for the exams, group exams, test paper security and confidentiality, exam discipline, and comprehensive environmental governance. The Provincial Education Examination Institute mobilized staff to form a network inspection team to conduct online inspections of 2038 test sites in 38 test sites, ensuring the smooth development of the test work.